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Thank you for your interest in contributing to the React And TypeScript unoffical documentation. I hope to team up with others to create the premier source of React and TypeScript documentation on the web.

Creating Issues

If you find a React and TypeScript example that would be an addition to this React and TypeScript documentation, please create an issue.

When creating an issue, please include:

  • User Story - why does the reader want this information?
  • Acceptance Criteria - what examples need to be described for the reader to understand how to use React and TypeScript in the context described?
  • Notes (optional) - what resources can be leveraged to get this documentation written more quickly? Also, any extra notes go here.

Creating Pull Requests

  1. Confirm an issue exists for the pull request you are about to make. If no issue exists, please create one.
  2. Fork this repository.
  3. Create a branch specific to the section you are working on or adding. Push your work to that branch. Focus your work on that fix or feature.
  4. Submit a pull request against the master branch.